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Game Update

The Cards Game has been reworked:
-All of the cards got new rewards to explore !
-In case of losing during card game, you will always receive 1 fortune coin, instead of nothing.
-Fortune coins are exchangeable for exclusive rewards at NPC Goddess of Fortune at Reborn Castle.

Game Changes:
-All of spirit gems working now automatically, they are obtainable at Reborn Castle
-Pets/Spirtis with level 650+ works like an AoL
-Added to store 21 new Spirit Skins ( usable at Spirit Outfit Slot )
-Lowered Pets/Spirits cooldown 5 min -> 1 min
-Added 28 new spirit spells ( description on wiki )
-Added 11 new player spells. Available to use with spirits lvl 300+ only ( while wearing spirit - description on wiki )
-Rewrited auto-looting code, should work more smooth
-Added auto-loot feature that loots from all bodies at stack

Added 10 new guilds achievements:
Borrowed Power Using Might Rings
Guardian Angel Using AOL
Blessed by the Gods Using Blessing Scroll
Feed Me Well Using Pet/Spirit Food (all kind count)
Merciless Hunter Successful skinning
Playing With Death Drinking Insane Elixir
No Risk No Fun Using Stone Skin Amulet
Master of The Trade Exchanging tokens for items
Lucky Opening Lottery Doll
Reanimator Using Pet Revive Stone

Client changes:
-Added hide guild members button at battle

Jungle Expansion:
-Alternative spawn of Ice Storm Island.
-Monsters are with the same amount of hp/experience, similiar loot ( king set pieces )
-Jungle Monsters are vulnerable to fire -30%, and not immune to any type of damage.
-They count for Ancient Dragons monster point bosses

08 Oct 2021
Supporter Packs October

All donations since October 1 counts. 
Keep in mind these sets are dedicated for visual purpose only, there are no statistics at all. You can redeem your supporter pack at log in, you will notice proper message.

30 Sep 2021
Event Weekend

To celebrate very successful first month online of the Antica world, we will host following event:

*3 Golden tokens per hour being online instead of 1 golden token
+30% Experience !
+25% Loot !
+50% Skill gain
+50% Magic level gain

Lottery will be rolling every 30 minutes instead of 10 hours which means every 30 minutes, 1 random online player with atleast 80 level will receive one of :
-Mysterious Box Mystery box.png
-Crystal Box Crystal box.gif
-Bloody Box Bloody box.gif
-Hermes Box Hermes box.gif
-Wizard Box Wizard box.png

Event time on all Worlds:
From Friday 17.09 12:00 CET till server save at Monday 20.09 12:00 CET

17 Sep 2021
Game Update - Far East

A strange looking merchant arrives at the port of Ab'dendriel.
He asks the local elves to send his letters to all the rulers of the land.
For now, the stranger remains in the port of Ab'Dendriel under the watchful eyes of the elves.

To the rulers of this land
I am Yasumasa Fukushima, a traveler merchant. I came to your wonderful continent from
island in the far east.
I sailed for long months and my goal is to create a trade route between our lands.
I’m a humble servant of Shogun Nobunaga Oda.
His will is to break our life of isolation and open our nation up to the world.
Unfortunately, not everyone shares his opinion.
Therefore, as a goodwill gesture, I ask that you collect for me some rare items that I can show to the court and convince them that trade between our lands will be of benefit to all.
In return, I can take some representatives of this land to the far east where I will introduce them to the Shogun.
I truly believe that our nations can live in peace and learn a lot from each other.

Traveling Merchant
Yasumasa Fukushima

03 Sep 2021
Supporter Packs September

All donations since September 1 counts. 
Keep in mind these sets are dedicated for visual purpose only, there are no statistics at all. You can redeem your supporter pack at login, you will notice proper message.

01 Sep 2021
Doom Legion

The chronology of obtaining early mid-game sets has been revamped. They we're implemented to immortals long time ago, while there was big need of mid sets for newcommers, and there was already alot of high levels. In new world there is no point to keep these early mid-game sets obtainable only from immortals, since after u reach immortals u will have way better set.
Following that:
*Heavy Ranger Set
*Elite Guard Set
*Hellfire Set
Are obtainable from Doom Legion monsters.
Doom Legion Camp is accessible somewhere at Devilspawn Palace
-Gorgols are now accessable from Devilspawn Palace

30 Aug 2021
Guild Points !

Have you jumped in to the WAD with team? 

That's great, your team will receive additional store points. 

-Atleast 10 unique guild mambers 

After server save 21.08.2021
Every guild with atleast 10 unique members will receive 50 points per player. 
Points will be added to the Guild Leader. 

Enjoy !

20 Aug 2021
WAD Antica World Launch !

Hello fellow Warriors!
Welcome to the NEW WAD World: Antica!
Experience new fresh start, incredible new features and prove your worth among your peers. We Are Dragons is full of new adventures and challenges, we are waiting for you.

Server rates click here

Pre-release supporter packs with 3 brand new sets.
Available until 20.08.2021 

To thank you for supporting the game, besides the donation points you will get supporter packs. Following packs are only cosmetic items for showoff, they don't have any statistics. After login you will find them at your inbox. 

Dark Reaper Set

                     Belial Set                                                             Dark Sage Set

10 Aug 2021